He Wants To Ride Again

When my husband was younger, he loved taking road trips with some of his friends. He and his friends liked exploring and going around the different provinces here in the north. So whenever they have free time, they would ride their bikes and try to appreciate the beauty and culture of the islands. Often, he would tell us stories of their wonderful adventures. Well, not all are wonderful, there are some misadventures too. That was about twelve years ago, he has not been riding since some of his friends migrated in the US.
But he wants to ride again, his passion for bikes was never forgotten. In fact, he has been working on his old bike and hoping he can resurrect it to its old glory, (haha). A new bike is not in the budget at this time. I've seen him checking out some Motorcycle Jackets, helmets, biker boots, and Leather Pants & Chaps. His old helmet is faded and scratched and his gears don't fit anymore.
He knows how I disagree about him riding again, it's not that I don't trust his abilities, it's those "crooked" drivers out there that I don't trust. But I'd like to give him some time for himself. He's not getting any younger and I'd like him to enjoy what he used to love doing.

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