Loving The Art

It was only after my first child was born when I discovered my passion for arts and crafts. During my younger years, my art projects either turned into a disaster or they were just not good enough. But I still managed to get a passing score, haha. It was my SIL who introduced me to the world of crafts. I started with cross stitching when I volunteered to help her out with the hundreds of bookmarks she had to sew for my BIL's wedding. I realized then that I could really do it, and the rest was history.

Being a hobbyist has introduced me to the wonders of arts and crafts. I have tried needlepoint and embroidery as well. It turned out that I have the hands for it, or so my SIL says. I also tried working with beads, candle making, soap making, and just very recently, pottery. At first I though it was just like getting your hands covered with mud and turning it into a wonderful piece of art, but I was wrong. Pottery is not simply working with clay but with ceramics as well. And for you to be able to indulge in such art work, you must have the right tools, pottery supply and finishes too. And in my search for supplies, I have discovered AMACO/Brent, a really cool shop that will cater to everything I would need to enjoy my new found hobby.

If you are into this kind of craft, you may want to visit their website. They have a wide inventory of products you would be needing in your quest for true pottery -- potters wheels, slump molds, brushes, tools, kilns, glass products,wheel replacement parts, majolica glazes and many more.

I'm still a beginner and I have yet a long way to go to master the craft but with all these cool materials, I am so sure I am going to enjoy the art of pottery big time.

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