DIY Body Mist

These cute, white flowers are known as neroli, and according to legend, the Princess of Nerola in Italy had such a passion for the peppery aroma of these flowers that they were named after her. The oil that comes from these beauties is as beneficial for the health of your skin as it is luscious. In fact, the oil has been shown to soothe skin and your senses. The scent of the neroli flower will instantly ease tension and create a carefree feeling.

For a calming body mist, follow this easy recipe I found.
  • 10 to 15 drops of neroli essential oil
  • 1 oz. glass misting bottle filled with spring or distilled water
Add the oil to the water, shake well (to ensure the oil mixes thoroughly) and spritz on your pulse points.


Micah | Coffee Machine said...

This is fantastic... my first time to see a blog post of a DIY body mist of fragrance... Really cool.. =)

imelda said...

as always ur post is informative liz

Run DMT said...

What a beautiful flower and such an interesting "history" behind it too!

Thanks for stopping for WW. Sorry I'm visiting so late. Have a great weekend. :-)

Shimumsy said...

thanks for all this healthful info. what a lovely shot!

Rubz said...

this sounds very interesting!

Vishal-Coffee Machine said...

Really fantastic article with the history behind this flower.It is really beautiful flower:)

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