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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Delay The Gray

Do you like mushrooms? Those with graying hair will love this news: Mushrooms contain copper, a mineral that is an essential component of melatonin, the hormone that helps preserve hair's pigment. If you're problem is like mine, eat more of these earthy vegetables. According to experts, consuming mushrooms can help delay the gray.


Anya said...

Thanks for this WONDERFUL tip !!!

I go eat MANY many :-)
I need it badly :(

Mariuca said...

I just cooked black pepper mushroom for dinner yest woo hoo, love mushroom!

Mariuca said...


Mariuca said...

Have a great day sweetie!

Max Coutinho said...

LOL really? father ate a lot of mushrooms and his grays came early, quite early...

I guess it depends on a person's genes.

Anyway, I wish you a fantastic weekend, my friend :D.

Take care

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