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Monday, May 31, 2010

Effortless Slimming

Whole grains have always been a healthy diet staple, and just recently, researchers have discovered the secret to unlocking all the slimming potential of the nutrient-rich carbs. If you are trying to slim down and is searching for diets that work, look for the one that involves eating a scientifically balanced ratio of whole grains and fresh produce like Joy Bauers Diet. They say, this formula (whole grains and fresh produce) is proven to speed up metabolism, cut cravings in half and tame even the most ravenous appetite within 48 hours.


ailecgee said...

Hi Liz! Please, any tip on "how to gain weight"? he he.. you saw how much I need it, di ba?

Sensya na kung di madalas makadalaw. Sobrang busy pa kasi. Take care and see you again!

jenie=) said...

this is a great find if it really works ;) i definitely need to increase my metabolism.

missing your visits dear =(

Ann said...

You have taken a very beautiful photo and a good one for health too. Can be used for a brochure.

Ruby said...

Do you think HGH supplements are a good method for slimming down and speeding up metabolism?

mattscradle said...

I have tried oats. For me it is an effective way to loose weight.

Inspired2cook said...

Great tips on speeding up metabolism! Thanks!

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