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My aunt is asking for my help on their forthcoming wedding anniversary celebration. The big event will be held next month and I was tasked to take care of the souvenirs. She wanted to give out a collection of their favorite love songs recorded on dvd with of course, their picture on the cover. If I have to make 150-200 copies of it, I don't think my dvd copier can do it. I have to look for a dvd duplication service to do this. Although budget is not a problem, I don't want the couple to be spending much on them. It's the least I can do for my favorite aunt. I'm looking for something that offers print and packaging alternatives to go along with the DVD duplication. A friend says, I can find a service that also offers dvd cases and sleeves as well.


DVD Duplication said...

I help run a skydiving company out in Long Island and we give out special DVD's to all of our customers who want to share their experience with others, so DVD replication and duplication comes in handy.

DVD Duplication Dallas said...

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DVD Replication said...

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