Why Spend More?

When it comes to looking young, many women are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get rid of crow's feet, laugh lines and the unsightly lines on their foreheads. Those who can afford (thousands!) even buy products containing gold, silver, diamonds, pearls or other precious gems. These precious metals and stones not only add a touch of luxury to their usual beauty routine but are believed to help delay signs of aging. I wonder if all this bling are really worth your beauty buck?

Whether your product contains any of these glilttery stones, precious metals, or the usual anti-wrinkle cream ingredients, the main goal is to slough off the top layer of dead skin to reveal a younger-looking you. It really doesn't matter whether you use prevera, get a diamond peel, or use skincare products that contain gems, they practically work the same. So don't feel you are lacking in advantage if you're using a product that's more affordable, just because these stones glitter doesn't necessarily mean they are skincare gold.

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