Hair Tips

- every six to eight weeks. A trim combats split ends, damaging and dryness. three unfavorable fates of aging hair.

REMEMBER TO CHANGE - the products you use to adopt to the evolving texture of your hair. That shampoo-conditioner-mousse-hairspray routine you've been doing since your 20s may not be best anymore. Talk to your stylist and find products that work for your hair in its current state.

THOSE PESKY GRAYS lack melanin and therefore need some TLC. Maintain mature locks (natural gray or colored) with protein-laden leave-in treatments.

BRUSH HAIR FROM ROOTS TO ENDS nightly. Doing so will distribute natural oils throughout the shaft and give hair a healthy sheen.


Max Coutinho said...

Hey Liza,

I couldn't agree more with these tips. Many people fail to take proper care of their hair, which is vital to one's self-confidence, and therefore to one's success at the workplace. One's image must always be proper. That's the key to success.

Big hug to you, darling!

Tammy said...

I know this is true, but I just have a hard time fitting it in my schedule. I do better with the kids, though.

Lea said...

I try to keep up with visits to get my hair cut. It can be difficult to fit it into my schedule at times.

Julie from Momspective said...

Oh, I just got mine done the other day. There is nothing better than getting your hair done. I love spa days. Ahhh....

curly hair boy said...

Yes these are simple but accurate ways to keep a nice and clean hair. even when we were still young this ways are the first thought our parents or even our teachers taught us in school when it come to hygiene. I always believe n the saying simplicity is beauty.

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