Paid Search Marketing

Getting your site listed on a search engine does not always guarantee you will be on  top of the search lists. This is one of the dilemmas many businesses are facing right now,  spending a lot of money to have their sites listed only to get little or no response.

One way to sidestep the dilemma of having to submit your site to search engines over and over again is through paid search marketing. These are usually pay per click programs are offered by popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo! Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter.

Pay per click works like this: You choose search terms or keywords, and then bid a certain amount of  money.  Every time a surfer clicks on your url, you pay the advertiser (the website that displayed your ad) with the money you bid. Your ad will only appear on sites that matches your term or keyword.

Stop wasting money on ads that get you nowhere, paid search marketing can make sure that your site gets seen without breaking your bank.

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