Beach Lovers

My family loves going to the beach.  We try to visit at least one resort every summer.  We have been to the north and south of Luzon, and even went to as far as Boracay.  We've never tried going overseas though, not yet because of the budget.  But not traveling abroad to try the beaches doesn't mean we're not looking.  Of course there's the internet to view the wonderful resorts of the Royal Caribbean and all those luxury resorts that we often see on Discovery Travel and Living.  We may be faraway from visiting those beautiful beaches but I'm hopeful that our time will come.


Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

That looks like a beach I'd want to visit!

sarah said...

i am totally the beach girl. i need sand, sun, and water to feel like i am on vacation. ahhhh! i better start dreaming.

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