Finding A New Camera

End of the month means I can withdraw my blogging earnings.  :)  I'm glad August is almost over, it's a very dry month for me.  Money was tight the whole month and I don't know why the unexpected expenses have to add to the drama  -- new battery for the car, Joey's rir conditioner broke down, kitchen faucet had to be replaced.  Still, I'm thankful those are just little things and nothing major like someone in the family getting sick.  For the coming month, I know I can breathe easy and already, I'm looking at some digital cameras on the internet.  Mai accidentally dropped our digital camera  and according to the technician who checked it, the damage is severe, it cannot be repaired.


Anya said...

Hi Liza

I was reading your post
and I have the

its a easy simple FANTASTIC camera
I have the red one :)))
The photo's are perfectly !!!!

Watch Movie Online Free said...

Truly Indeed... money for the month of August was very tight.. me too had only a little earnings online but we must go on.. I think there's a lot of cheaper digital camera now in some store.. hope that you could find one.. cheers.

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