Too Much Chlorine

A dip in the pool definitely saves your sanity when the temperature shoots up, but chlorine strips our skin of protective oils.  And without those natural hydrators, our skin will crack and peel, leaving us susceptible to irritants.

You will hate me if I tell you, "NO SWIMMING!"  Lol.  The trick to avoid it is to rinse with tap water when you step out of the pool.  Then reapply sunscreen, which will shield and hydrate skin.

If your skin is already irritated, wash with a gentle cleanser to soothe itch.  Then apply a lotion containing glycerin like Cetaphil.


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imelda said...

hi there

Barako Brew said...

For a Picture Reader like myself, I like the entry very much. :)

There are indeed alternatives to chlorine which is a bit more expensive in form of salt water. Some richer folks who live near the beach use a specially treated and filtered sea water for their pool.

-Ez of the Barako Brew Crew

imelda said...

i seldom dip in the pool liz, no swimming is offensive for me, lol. ty for this post liz.

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