MIL's Party

On September 27, my mother in law will be celebrating her 74th birthday. We don't usually have a party on her birthdays, because she likes to go on retreat during her birthday week. But since she's already decided she won't go this year, all her children decided they'd want to surprise her. With only a few weeks away, everyone of us have been busy preparing for it. I am in charge of the party supplies and the flowers. My sister in law is in charge of the caterer and the invites.

Mil has no idea we're cooking up something for her birthday. She'll be very surprised I'm sure. She's always been the one to prepare for parties but this time she'll be the star of the night. It won't be an extravagant party, she'd hate us if it is. She likes things simple but elegant and that's what she'll get.

She'll be very happy to see some of her closest friends and relatives. According to my sister in law, her best friend arrived from the States last month and she's going to be at MIL's party. Her grandchildren are also coming up with lots of fun party ideas. I asked them to list them down so we can discuss it next week with my brother and sister in law.

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