Running? Of course, dear!

Having a former athlete for a husband and me having bowled for as long as I can remember, it's frustrating to think that none of our kids liked sports.  We encouraged them to try all sorts of sports but the interest just wasn't there.  Hubs and I were resigned to the thought that they will ever try.  So it came as a surprise when my youngest announced yesterday that he'd like to run. Excited, I started looking for shoes and  running shorts online (haha!). Maybe all he needed was time and to find out what he really likes.  Maybe the school intrams helped also.  They have been practicing for the sports activity for more than a week now.  It may last or it may just be for a brief period of time but at least it's a start.  We're not expecting to have an athlete though.  What we want is for them to be active and to have extra activities.

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