Don't Leave Home w/o It

Coconut oils is not called versatile for nothing.  It's packed with fatty acids and is hailed for its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties.  Put some oil in a small bottle or a few spoonfuls if it's in solid form in a resealable container and put it in your purse.  This carry-on multitasker will have you feeling beautiful wherever you are.

10 ways to use it:
  1. MOISTURIZER.  Massage into hands, legs, feet and decollete - the oils' moisture-locking lipids will give skin a soft glow.
  2. NAIL STRENGTHENER.  Work into nails to create a hydrating seal that will help prevent brittleness and hangnails.
  3.  LIP BALM.  Dot onto lips to keep them supple.
  4.  FACIAL SCRUB.  To restore radiance, add a packet of sugar to a dollop (or a few drops) of the oil and massage into your face, then rinse.
  5. ANTI-FRIZZ SERUM.  Apply a dab to hair to seal the cuticle and repel frizzies.
  6. DEODORANT.  Thanks to its bacteria-killing lauric acid, smearing on a glob of the oil will nix foot and body odor.
  7. ACNE TREATMENT.  This is actually the first time I heard that it can fight acne.  When dabbed on breakouts, the oil's lauric acid will gently heal acne without dehydrating skin.
  8. ANTI-ITCH CREAM.  Swipe a film over bug bites or rashes, letting the oil's anti-inflammatory agents soothe the skin.
  9. LUBRICANT.  Sure, the oil is perfect for squeaky suitcase wheels, but a smidge also relieves "down there" dryness.
  10. STOMACH SOOTHER.  Add a spoonful or a few drops to hot tea and sip.  The oil's antimicrobial acids will help ward off indigestion-causing bacteria and parasites.


Betty said...

You are so right about coconut oil! It is truly a miracle oil.

I make body butters and lip butter with coconut, shea butter and vit e.

So luxurious for moisturizing and healing your skin!

Sara Chapman in Seattle, USA said...

How interesting. I didn't know these things about coconut oil. Now I want to try some.

Alana said...

Thanks for this post. Have a happy holiday season!

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