RT|WW - Two Octopuses On The Ceiling

Wordless Wednesday

Snapped this when hubs and I had dinner at Oyster Boy.  I love the theme of the restaurant and the octopus is such a great idea.  Food was yummy too.


chubskulit said...

so interesting!

Felisol said...

Great lamps. I also like the interesting painting at the fond wall.
Must be a special place to dine.

Gizelle said...

oh! eyecatching! where is this?

Lainy said...

Looks so elegant, Mommy Liz!

Robin said...

Cool chandeliers. Very different.

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ilanadavita said...

Very unusual lamps but they do look great!

anemonen said...

I love those different lights.
Thanks for visiting me. Have a nice day.

Kim, USA said...

A very interesting decoration. Great shot!

Ralph said...

These are quite large, with arms and tentacles expanding toward the horizon. Happily, they are on the ceiling and I am on the floor...

Shinade said...

Wow...that looks like a great place to go...love the lamps!!
Hugs to you Liza!

Sweepy said...

Can dogs eat oysters? I want some.

Your WW has more than 10 words.
And I should not go beyond 1.
Woof! Gotta go!

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