The Dream Vacation

Oh, no winner again last night!  The pot has ballooned to 586 million, the biggest ever in the history of Philippine Lotto.  Hubs and I have been talking, what would we do if we win the jackpot.   Easy I say, 50 percent of the pot will be kept in the bank and just enjoy the monthly interest.  The other half will be shared with family, charity and will be spent on housing.  We'd buy a flat for my eldest and a car for the youngest.  

Of course, we'll go on vacation.  One of the places hubs and I would visit is the Caribbean.  It's always been our dream all inclusive vacation.   We planned to go there  for our honeymoon when we got married, but instead we went to Tokyo.  My parents gifted us with a free trip to Tokyo.  We have planned, several times, on going but luck wasn't on our side, so the all inclusive vacations never happened.

If we win the lottery we'll go right away!  Haha.  Of course, I'm not banking on it.  Win or loose, hubs and I will be spending one summer on one of those all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, and hopefully, it's next summer.  :)

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