Pamper Your Tootsies

Our feet absorb the shock of thousands of steps each day, which can leave them looking ugly.  A short nightly work out before tumbling into bed will make them looking good in the morning.

Here's what you should do:  Move each foot around in a circular motion from the ankle, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, eight revolutions each.  Then flex up and down and side to side eight times.  Apply a rich serum or cream to your palms (look for products with peppermint, which stimulates circulation), then take each foot in hand, and gently massage.  You'll wake up with pretty, happy feet and ready to take thousands of steps again.

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The Painted Veil said...

Oh that looks like it would feel so good. I would love to go have it done for me...LOL>

You did get FC. I am adhering to club rules only as some people have been abusing my courtesy of giving out links even if they are not members.

I also added you to the Christmas list. Thanks so so much for joining in Liza. I can't wait to see your Christmas.

Chop and Happy day!

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