Rose's Gift

Tis the season for gifts and bonuses.  Did you get your bonus already?  Rose, my store helper has been with me for 9 months.  She's a hard-worker and can be trusted with money.  She's a rare find nowadays.  I already gave her 13th month pay bonus and she's quite happy about it.  Hubs and I also purchased an affordable health insurance for her as an additional gift. It's not often that I give additional gifts because unlike the past years, the store is not doing very well.  But as I've said, Rose is a hard-worker and I appreciate her loyalty. She deserves this extra gift.

3 comments: said...

may you be rewarded massively for that, what a great employer.

Beth said...

ako din! I told my yaya that she will receive her 13th month pay this Dec 18th. And was she happy! She deserves it, she takes care of my kids while I work.

Dropping by here from Ria's blog! Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

You are a rare and appreciated employer. Those are huge rewards as much in appreciation factor as financially.

Hard to find an employer who sees beyond the dollar sign these days.

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