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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RT- Can you guess who the boxer is?


Max Coutinho said...

Hey Liza,

Happy New Year, darling!

Could the boxer be your husband?

Anyway, I hope 2011 brings you love, peace and prosperity!

Big hug and cheers

Gizelle said...

Pacquiao for sure! ;)

Felisol said...

These are all new faces on familiar bodies to me.
I seem to be spotting a superwoman to the right. That must be you.

iamclarizze said...

happy new year.

wonder who's the police officer? hope he's not that "kotong cop" whom we see around:)))

Gattina said...

I recognize the bodies but have no idea who they are !

Tina said...

lol I was going to say your husband too!! tell us tell us ;)


lina@women's perspectives said...

Very interesting figures :)
I have no clue...

Thanks for dropping by, Liz

anemonen said...

Nice post. Thanks for visiting me.

Ria said...

Happy 2011 Liza!!! Wow, they are sooo cute! I don't mind having them for collection ;)


To answer the question - I guess the one with the boxing gloves gave him away and his hair - so Manny Pacman...hahahahaha!

Ria C

It's My Party
Handmade with LOVE
Home is Where the Heart Is

reg said...

these are wonderful. I remember having these when I was a little guy way back when

ilanadavita said...

Funny little people.

Willa said...

Nice collection!

bj said...

No clue whatsoever. :)

Francisca said...

Pacman The Destroyer. And is that Superman PNoy?

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