She's Better Now

Mai was admitted at the hospital for two days last week.  She suffered from UTI and mild kidney infection.  She was given antibiotics and is now feeling better, thank God.  I was too worried because she was suffering from back pain and couldn't move.  So when the doc told us that she has to be admitted, I agreed right away.  They did a lot of tests: ultrasound, urinalysis, blood tests, urine tests with culture, plus other tests that I can't remember the names. The results were negative, except for the UTI and her doctor said, the kidney infection might be because of it.  We didn't have BCBS of NC and it was only after we were discharged from the hospital that I realized we should have that.  It was a blessing that I had extra money on hand to pay for the bills, if not, I wouldn't know where to get the cash.  A health plan for each of us is definitely on top of my list next month.

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