Moving Closer

Our friend Onid and his family is moving out of Boston to New York.  Onid is an engineer and he's just been accepted to work for one of the biggest construction firms in NY.  As much as he doesn't like to leave Boston, he doesn't have much choice.  The company he's working for right now is relocating to a farther state, besides, the salary he will be getting in NY is way higher than what he is earning now.

Moving he says, is not really a problem.  Even if they have  some delicate and fragile items  (like her wife's crystal collection and his collection of expensive beer mugs) that need careful handling, his wife hired a very reliable Moving Company that according to her, would handle their priced possessions with utmost care. It's the same company my sister hired when she moved from Connecticut to Long Island several months back.

Onid is like a family to us, we grew up together and he's like a younger brother to me.  I'm glad that he was able to find a job immediately before the present company closes down.  At least now that they will be in NY, mom will be relieved that my sister will have someone close to her.  She is so worried that she's there all alone.

***This is a sponsored review by Humboldt.

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