The Unsightly Veins

What causes the ugly veins?  As we age, the walls and valves of veins become weak and thin and can collapse, causing blood to pool and create those puffy or purple veins visible under the skin.  To diminish those unsightly veins, the key is to increase circulation to flush away the pooled blood.  To do, experts suggest rubbing a dab of ointment containing capsaicin (the heat-producing substance in cayenne pepper) into the veiny area once a day.  In addition, consume foods rich in amino acids (such as eggs, poultry and dairy), which strengthen weakened vein walls from within, so capsaicin's effects last.


Anya said...

I have also ugly veins :(
Do you think it would help ????

the diary said...

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Mothers Day Flowers Delivery said...

I am going to try out these tips. I don't have many purple veins maybe one or two but they are not very nice and do irritate me. Thanks for the tips.

EvanDouglas said...

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