Clean and Safe Drinking Water

The prices of gasoline has gone up again and everything else are expected to follow suit.  And I am so sure, like me, you are thinking of ways to save money.  I have already done some "cut backs" here and there over the past months --  walking or commuting if we don't have to go too far to save on gas, unplugging all appliances when not in use to save on energy, and dozens of other small things.

This time, I'm thinking about our drinking water.  Back here, it is safer to order gallons of drinking water instead of drinking water from the tap.  It is also wiser than boiling tap water for minutes to make it safe to drink.  Imagine how much gas I would waste if I am to boil gallons and gallons of water everyday.  Buying safe drinking water is way cheaper!  But if I have a water filter pitcher, then I don't have to buy or boil water any more, right?  All I need to do is pass tap water through the filtering water pitcher  and my family will have clean and safe water to drink.

I'm still weighing my options though, I still have to look up how much these water filter pitchers would cost.  I want to know first if I can afford it, any idea guys?

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Editor: Joshua Lee said...

Nice article :) I also wrote an article on drinking water a while back. Maybe you would like to check it out :)

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