Learning A New Language

It was good to find a long lost cousin at Facebook.  It's been almost 15 years since I last heard from her.  So long that I wouldn't recognize her two kids if we bump on each other in the streets.  It was a pity that we didn't see each other when they went home last Christmas.  My cousin is married to a Japanese and have been staying in Tokyo for almost three decades now.

She still does translation services.  A former freelancer, she now works in a reputable translation company in Tokyo, translating documents from Japanese to English and vice versa.  I'm glad that she has accomplished a lot through all those years.  She came to Japan with my mom's help.  Learned the language and started working in a printing company, met Hideki and got married.  They have 2 children, Yumi and Jiro.

She earns well with her job.  So well that she's now learning to speak German.  According to her, Übersetzungsbüro is in need of translators.  The pay is higher and the work schedule is not as tight.  Go cuz, your determination and hard work will pay off nicely, that's for sure.

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Max Coutinho said...

Hey Liza,

Yes, translations jobs pay well.

Your cousin kids must be gorgeous! :D

Hope all is well with your and your daughter :).

Big hug and Cheers

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