Enjoying Summer

For the first time in five years, my son is free from summer lessons.  He used to have difficulties in math and although his grades were not failing marks, he was required to take remedial classes, a sort of review lessons.  He spent three weeks of every summer, in the last five years studying math.  Lol.  But, this summer is different.  Hubs and I were surprised that he passed the subject.  Not with flying colors though, but a little above average.  Surprising because he used to complain a lot about math -- he hates it, it's difficult, he hates homework, etc., etc.  We don't know what happened with the sudden change, though he claims he still hates the subject, haha.  But we are very happy with the turn of events, of course.

And because his summer would not be occupied with math lessons, he is enjoying the hot days with his friends.  Just recently, they spent one weekend at the beach and are thinking of going back.  Another friend is encouraging him to join youth outreach programs.  Though he has not signed up yet, he is pretty decided about joining Sing For Hope.  The boy loves to sing and he has a good voice and I'm happy that he'll join.  The program will start next week, and should he decided to continue, he can do so even if school is back.

We're really glad that he is enjoying his summer vacation and he is being useful.  Hubs and I are giving him our support, 100 percent.

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