Never Again

Why is it that when you need it the most, the air conditioning breaks down?  That's what happened last year during the height of summer.  It was 40 degrees outside and the heat was terrible, and when I turned on the air con there was no power.  Dang!  Hubs immediate called for an Air Conditioning Ft Mill service It didn't take too long and the two men arrived to check the air con.
First thing they asked if it had been cleaned in the past and I said no.  It turned out the compressor was full of dust and dirt, and because it has not been cleaned ever since it was bought, it broke down.  It caused us dearly to have the compressor replaced.  As soon as the service men left, we had cool and clean air in the room.  I will have it checked two times a year so I won't have to spend for a new compressor or a new air conditioning unit again.
One of the men also said that I'll save more on electricity bills if the air con is always clean because the compressor does not have to work too hard to cool the air.  I know better now. 

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