The Weight Won't Budge

Are you one of those who spend hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of dollars to get thin?  If you're into those easy ways to lose weight, chances are you have tried lots and lots of diet pills that don't work.  When I was younger, I was one of the firsts to try new pills that come out of the market.  Out of all those, only one worked.  I lost so much pounds in as little as four weeks, but when I found out that "wonder" pill contained cocaine, I stopped.  Since then, I never tried taking diet pills again.

After quitting smoking ten months ago, I gained so much pounds and no matter how much I cut back on my food intake and still religiously work out, the weight won't budge.  I couldn't stay forever with this weight.  I feel so heavy and I keep changing my sizes.  I was thinking of taking the pill again and phenphedrine came to mind.  I heard so much about it and how it effectively works to shed off pounds.  This time though, I want to make sure.  I've already made researches and I'm also going to ask my doctor if it's safe for me to try.

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The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

I've not heard of this. Are you going to post again?

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