Avoiding The Mad Rush

Every year, whenever the Yuletide season comes, there's a mad rush to get all their presents wrapped. Believe me, you wouldn't want to be caught in such a situation. I have been in such a situation many times before. The last time, I lost my bag and some of my presents crushed. After that, I vowed that I would do the wrapping myself. I started that last Christmas and I still have a few materials left. I only had a roll of ribbon left. This would not be enough and I have to buy some more rolls. I have customized boxes made for me. I design my own prints and have someone make them into personalized gift boxes.

I'm now ordering new stocks and designing some more. This early,I'm already making a list of people I'm going to give presents to. Every year, my lists grows longer. I'm making sure that I have enough wrapping materials. I am sure, my printer would be swamped with orders too. That is why I'm making my orders this early. I am trying to avoid the annual mad rush. I suggest that you do what I do. Wrapping your presents yourself would make the recipient feel special. They'll appreciate the labor of love.

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