Football Craze

My son is a football fanatic. He has been collecting all sorts of football stuff for several years now. He has boxes of trading cards and his room's walls are peppered with posters of his favorite NFL players. He also collects football jerseys and action figures of different football stars. Last summer, he enrolled in a football summer training camp to learn the basics of the sport. He is eying to play football for his high school in the future.

Lately, he has been buying football helmets not only of the NFL teams but of NCAA teams as well. These are the full sized ones and occupies too big a space. I had too install new shelves in his room to accommodate them. At the rate he's going, I may have to add more shelves even in our hallway for all of them to fit. I don't want him to lose interest in the sport but I may have to remind him the amount of money he's spending and the space he's collection is just taking up too much space.

The manager of the sports shop he frequents suggested that he collect miniatures instead. Their shop carries the Schutt mini helmets. These are exact replicas of the real thing. The details are just so realistic right down to the face mask and interior pads. We had the chance to see and touch one. I must say, they do look and feel like the real thing. My son was also impressed and bought several right there and then. They also cost far less and he could buy eight mini helmets for the price of a full sized one. Even if he buys all his favorite team's miniature helmets, he would still have tons of space for his other collectibles.

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