As the birth of our grandchildren neared, my husband was raring to buy cigars online. They are just cheap cigars that we will be handing out to our friends. And when the day came, my husband gave cigars to everyone including the hospital staff. Of course those who received the giveaways did not light them up. No smoking in the hospital, not even in the parking lot. The entire family was ecstatic. Our relatives came in full force to support my daughter and her husband. The viewing room was filled with our friends and family. Our grandchildren were the only twins born that day.

When we finally got home, my husband went straight to his study to get his cigar humidor to smoke his favorite cigar. He has been wanting to smoke when we rushed to the hospital. Our daughter labored for more than ten hours. The stress really took its toll on my husband. The urge to smoke away his worries was just unbearable. He has always given away cigars whenever a new baby in the family is born. He never fails on this tradition. Whether the baby is a girl or a boy, that's his regular giveaway. I wonder when the next great event will be?
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