Reading Made Interesting

Science can be very boring to most kids. They hate reading about the subject. They would rather watch television than read books. I remember watching Sesame Street and Electric Company when I was young. Learning became very interesting and fun. I had the same problem with my son. He easily strays and loses focus when he reads. He gets very bored and sometimes falls asleep. I had a bright idea. While browsing around my favorite bookstore, I chanced upon some videos. I went through the titles and subjects. There were several videos on math and science. They offer different levels too. I chose the subjects I think my son would be needing.

I handed him the DVDs when I got home. I'm quite sure he'll watch those videos. I caught him several times watching Discovery and History Channels. Those are the only educational shows he watches from time to time. The reading rainbow videos would definitely interest him. Hopefully, he would finally take science a little more seriously. One thing I noticed is how he enjoys watching educational shows when his Dad watches with him. My husband would explain things he doesn't understand. I will have to ask my husband to watch the videos I bought with him.

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