Spending More Time with Family

Ever since my brother in law started using Audio conference in their office, he is home most of the time.  He used to travel to the different provinces to meet with clients and other staff.  He traveled too often that there were times he only saw his family during weekends.  Her wife is always worried when he travels during a bad weather.  One time he had to stay in Bacolod for more than 5 days because of a typhoon and we didn't know what was happening because even the cell sites were down.  That made us all worried.

With the new Audio conference service in their office, he is able to communicate with their customers easily with his superiors present.  It saves the company a lot of time and a lot of money from travel expenses.  He can also do more things because right after the conference, all he needs to do is process the orders and send the necessary documents.  Before Video conference, he still needed to make a report after each meeting.

Thinks are a lot easier and quicker for him and he loves that he gets to spend quality time with his wife and kids.   They get to eat suppers together and the children are seeing more of him.

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OSeñorita said...

Today's technology has really made life easier for people. It also made families to stay in touch even when far away.

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