The Stronger Kick

I just got a call from my sister and she was telling me that she is enjoying the  coffee brewer I sent her.  I got it on sale when I passed by the mall yesterday.  I chanced upon a coffee brewers sale so I bought two: one for hubs (to be used in his work place) and one for her.  Both brewers are for single cups only.  My husband likes his coffee fresh every time and my sister only drinks her java in the morning.

For months, sissy has been complaining about having to do with instant cups of joe.  It's not that she didn't like instant coffee; the kick she gets from coffee made from coffee brewers is much stronger.  That's what she misses from home.  Every morning as soon as she opens her eyes, the smell of brewing coffee is all around the house.

She tried to be independent when she got an apartment in Long Island.  She's already been there for almost a year and so far she's doing great.  She does her laundry and cleans her own apartment.  She also learned how to cook.  She never did all these things when she was still here with us.

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