The Superstitious Pinoys

The Filipinos are known to be very superstitious.  We have too many superstitions that what's happening around and everything you do has a meaning.  Dreams have so many meanings and interpretations.  Seeing a fish in your dream means lots of money is coming your way.  Losing a tooth means a relative or close friend will pass away.  Even the things happening around have meanings; things like seeing a butterfly inside the house means a dead relative is visiting you, breaking a glass or a dish means something bad will happen, singing while cooking might make you a widow, don't make a mistake of stepping on an anthill or you'll be sorry because dwarfs are believed to dwell there.  The long list goes on.

Although I really don't believe in all these things, I have to admit that they sometimes scare me.  It is also no wonder that because there are too many of these scary superstitions, protection amulet became very popular around here.  Walk in the streets of Quiapo and you'll find hundreds of kabbalah jewelry and sacred amulets on sale.  These are believed to protect you from harm and to keep the bad spirits away.  Even newborn babies are given spiritual jewelry to protect them from sickness and harm.

You'll see more of these amulets and you'll hear more scary superstitions especially in the provinces.  Many Filipinos say that they actually believe in these superstitions but they would rather be careful and follow the rules than be sorry.  I am one of them and I won't be ashamed wearing an amulet or a spiritual jewelry because these jewelries have evolved too.  Talismans and amulets now come in fashionable designs.  They are too pretty you wouldn't even think they are amulets.

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