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Losing weight for me seemed to be impossible in the last couple of years.  That's since I have stopped smoking.  My metabolism became very idle and no matter how much I diet and exercise; the weight won't budge.  Worse, if I ate a little more than usual; you can expect the scale needle to go higher.  I almost gave up on exercising because it only frustrates me.  Imagine sweating it out for an hour daily and eating less and then nothing happens.  I just tried to psych myself up that if I don't lose weight at least it's doing my heart good.

However, I didn't stop looking for Weight Loss Tips that might help solve my dilemma.  Every time I find tips on how to lose weight fast,  I try them.  In the past 12 months, I have tried a few exercise plans until I discovered indoor walking very recently.  Exercising at home sounds like a good idea to me because I don't have to go everyday to the gym.  I'll be able to save more time and I can even watch my favorite soap while doing it.

Indoor walking is a ten minute exercise that you can do at home even if you have very limited space; you march in place, you kick and you even do it with arm combinations.  I do it three times daily because according to the author of Indoor Walking, short bursts of exercises can trigger fast weight loss.   Sure enough, I lost a pound after three days of doing it.  Although I didn't pay much attention because what is really a pound?  For all you know it's just water I lost.  The following week, I lost another pound then I thought this is not bad.  It may not be as fast but at least I'm starting to lose the pounds.

I also found out about Body Trim.  It's a scientific way to lose weight because it will help you eliminate food cravings easily and naturally.    This program, according to the trainer who developed this will banish weight loss plateaus for good.  By following their step by step guide, you can turn your body into an automatic fat burner .  Plus, you'll learn how to eat more delicious food and weigh less.

I'm going to incorporate this program with my indoor walking exercises.  I'm quite positive that both will produce great results for me.  I've already lost a few pounds from indoor walking but I believe that Body Trim can do more.

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