A Little Love Goes A Long Way

Everybody needs just a little tender loving care. This goes true with our retirees and old folks. I come from a closely knit family. My husband's grandparents lived with us till they passed on. Some families however cannot afford to do this. More often than not, we send our old folks to retirement homes. Sometimes, we take them for granted. My kids volunteer to share some TLC to these folks. Retirees whose families have somehow forgotten about them. Every year, more and more people volunteer their time and love to make these people happy. Rather than spend their extra time doing crazy things, these youths volunteer to be foster children and foster grandchildren just to make our old forgotten folks feel they are still loved.

Retirement homes have programs that need volunteers. Just like the assisted living Montgomery Country PA, many are looking for civic minded people who will unselfishly do whatever it takes to make the twilight years of the old a happy and memorable one. Our grandparents deserves to enjoy the remaining years of their lives. They need to be shown love and care not only by caregivers but regular people as well. Reading a book or simply singing them a tune makes a lot of difference. You will be surprised of how little effort it takes to make them smile or laugh.

Help make someone happy today. Rather than spend hours playing video games, do something that really makes a difference in someone's life. Do something meaningful. A little love goes a long way.

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John Buchanan said...

Great sentiment, Thanks

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