Blood Test for Good Health

A lot of people now are becoming more conscious about their health and they all aim to live a healthier and longer life.   This is a good sign because the rate of diabetes have significantly increased over the past years.  It's probably because of our poor diet quality and lack of exercise; but it can also be genetic.  Diabetes runs in my family that is why mom constantly nags reminds us to have our blood tests regularly.  My dad is already on the verge so mom watches his diet ever since we found out that his sugar level was high.  My dad's father died from complications.  Mom said I was about 5 when he died; his kidney was badly damaged because of poor blood sugar control.  Though sometimes mom's reminders get irritating, she is right.  By having our blood tested regularly, we'll know immediately if something is wrong and prevent or do something about it before it gets bad. 

It was also through my blood test that I was diagnosed with respiratory tract infection in 2010 and it is for that reason that I quit smoking.  Having your blood tested from time to time is very beneficial; it will ensure that you are living healthy.

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