New Development

The area around our beach house is being developed into an exclusive subdivision. Pipes are being laid, roads being paved and several pumping stations for the underground reservoir are being constructed. Several Water Well Drilling Rigs were busy drilling for water. Tapping the underground reservoir will be less expensive and ensure that a steady supply will be available to every household. Every house as I have learned, will be equipped with solar panels for heating and lighting. This will lessen the household expenses. This just one of the few developments that I have seen that takes environmental issues seriously.

Because of the renewable energy systems they used, they could practically live off the grid. Homeowners have the option to install small windmills that could supply even more electricity. Model units of these environment-friendly houses can be viewed by prospective buyers. With the constant strong winds coming from the sea, the windmills alone could supply every home with power. Our beach house has four small windmills that generates electricity for our modest place. I'm happy that we will soon have neighbors. We're the only house in that area. I just hope that our new neighbors will take care of the place we consider our second home.

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