She Studies Cancer Stem Cells

My mom never thought my sister would end up as a lab technician.  Back here she was a happy-go-lucky girl.  She graduated from an advertising course but she never worked.  I guess dad and mom really spoiled her a lot.  And then one time we were all surprised when she announced that she wanted to leave for the US for good.  I wondered if she could live without any of us.  Although a little worried, my mom and dad agreed.

She stayed with my aunt and worked part time in a supermarket. A few months later she was hired to work in a laboratory where they study cancer stem cells.  That's where she learned her skills.  She worked and studied at the same time until she got her certificate.  Rumor has it that she will be promoted as a manager before the year ends.

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Nancy said...

That's a spirit!

Congratulations to your sister for such impressive achievement!

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