What a relief!

It was too good to be true. We thought our son has perfect teeth. After a recent visit to our dentist, we found out that he needs to wear braces. He's been taking care of his teeth; his teeth are healthy and has no cavities. Our trips to the dentist are merely for checkups and cleaning. However, he has a wayward tooth that could eventually push some of his teeth out of line. The tooth needs to be extracted and the braces would put everything back in line.

The good thing is that our family has dental insurance. My husband also has a company dental plan on top of his personal plan. If we put them all together, the braces wouldn't cost so much. It is always wise to have these. The discounts significantly reduces the cost of such expensive dental treatments. This is the reason why my husband invests in these programs. They eventually pay for every dollar into them. Many would dismiss them as extra expense until they are faced with a situation. Then they regret not planning for any eventuality. I'm glad my husband made sure we're all covered by different plans. A family's health and well being always comes first.

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