It could have been a success if they had good security.

As I was writing an article about Event Security Portland, I can't help but remember a tragic event that happened here in the Philippines a few years ago.  A noon time show called Wowowee hosted by Willie Revillame was about to have their anniversary show in a stadium in Pasig where millions of pesos and a house and lot are at stake.  So many people became very excited and they all prepared to join the said event.

As early as a day before, they went to the venue to lineup.  The people know that the prizes at stake are too attractive that many will surely flock the event.  And as expected, thousands of people have lined up to watch the show and hopefully join the contest.  On the day of the event there were already about 30,000 people who were waiting to go in the stadium.  The stadium has only about 19,000 seating capacity.  People were informed that not everyone can come inside the stadium.  When the gates of the stadium opened; the mayhem started.  Every one wanted to get in and the guards couldn't control the mob.  People climbed everywhere; the fences, the roofs of the walkways; the gates and even the posts.  They pushed each other and those who fell were stepped on.  More than 70 people died in the stampede and thousands were hurt.  Most of the victims were children and the elderly.

I think it was both the organizers and the people in charge of the stadium are to blame for the tragedy.  They did not have proper planning and contingency plans for the extra 10,000 people who came.

Cases were filed against the producers of the show and I'm just not sure what happened with it because the news of the tragedy died down a few months after the incident.  If only there was tight security and proper management of the event, all these could have been avoided.

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