Be richer with infinite banking

If you will have the opportunity to make your money grow and become your own banker, would you do it?  The answer would definitely be a yes.  After all, who doesn't want a bigger income?  That concept is know as infinite banking.  It is when you allow yourself to borrow money from your own whole life insurance policy.  You sometimes need money to fund the house repair or when you need to buy a new car; and sometimes, you just don't know where to get the dough.  That's when infinite banking comes in.  Instead of borrowing from financial institutions, you lend yourself money using the cash values of your whole life policy. 

You set the loan amount and the interest rate, as well as the payment schedule. Approval can be done right away and there are no documents to process.  You are making money from your own loan and you are allowing your insurance policy to grow bigger.  That is how marvelous infinite banking is.

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