Foods that dim your smile

If you are too concerned about whitening your teeth; blueberries, coffee, and red wine should be avoided. Although they deliver a lot of health benefits, they can stain the surfaces of teeth by extending into the outer porous enamel. If you can't avoid having them, experts advise to brush teeth right away or rinse with water after consuming them.  Toothpastes that contain whitening ingredients will not whiten stained teeth but they can still be used to prevent new stain from sticking.


Teeth Whitening Muskegon said...

Right! Teeth can become stained by food, coffee, tea or tobacco. Brushing with regular toothpaste twice a day in combination with regular dental cleaning can help keep your teeth white without enamel loss. And true enough, it is also advisable to rinse out your mouth after a drink of red wine or dark beverages to prevent staining.

Dentists Bonita Springs Florida said...

I couldn't agree more with this post. Food plays the major cause of tooth discoloration. Drinks like coke, coffee, tea and wines etc are the most prominent danger, even the eatables like some fruit and vegetable which gets stuck in between your teeth is a disaster.

Naples Dentists said...

There are various foods that affect the color of your teeth when taken excessively. Certain foods such as fruits with a lot of citric acid may also cause discoloration. It is best to consult your dentist for a professional advice.

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