For Dry Skin

If your your skin is looking dull and feeling dry even if you apply moisturizer, it could be that the water you use for bathing is too hot.  Protect skin by limiting shower time to 10 minutes and make sure water is not too hot.  Soaps can also make skin dry and strip skin of important oils so go for body washes; they are less irritating than deodorant bar soaps.

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Sukhmandir Kaur said...

I found that eating raw coconut and drinking fresh coconut water and using cold pressed coconut oil does wonders for the skin if feels so creaming and smooth, seems even more affective then using it on the skins surface which is also very nice if rubbed into the skin prior to the shower. I've wondered alot about the water temperature and when I remember to, I splash my face with cold water to perk up my skin and give it color.

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