Good garage, great advice

Taking out garage keepers liability insurance is important in order to protect the investment you have made in your enterprise.  It is important to protect yourself against the cost of unwanted legal action and to ensure your business can operate in the event of an unforeseen problem.

We are aware your business is your livelihood – and no doubt you’re aware that for some of your customers, their ability to keep on driving also allows them to work. Below are a few handy tire tips you could pass on to your customers to help them care for their car.

1. Encourage customers to check whether the air they’re adding to their tires at the gas station is contaminated with water which may corrode the insides of their tires. All they need to do is depress the small needle valve at the hose’s connection point with their finger – if their finger is wet, they may wish to move on to another air hose.
2. Get your customers to check for uneven wear on their tires. In the event the tires have been maintained at the pressure recommended by the manufacturer, uneven wear indicates potential problems with brakes or shocks.
3. Replacing tires is important, but sometimes your customers won’t want brand new tires if they plan to sell their vehicle in less than 12 months. Keep quality second-hand tires handy for this very purpose.
Your business is more than just your source of income – it’s also providing a valuable service to your customers who appreciate the efforts you go to in order to keep them on the road. Having updated garage keepers liability insurance is important not only for you, but for your customers, too!

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