Stocking Up On Coffee Tables

My friend who owns a couple of coffee shops fell in love with the design of the coffee tables she bought off the rack. She bought several more for future cafes she intends to put up. The success of her small cafe has enabled her to expand. She doesn't want a big place to maintain the ambiance and good service. A big outlet would be too commercialized. She's trying to avoid turning her cafe into a marketplace. As much as possible, she wants her place to be a more private cafe. People can read or meet a friend. This is the secret to the success of her business. Other cafes do not have waiters and waitresses. You order your food and drink over the counter which make it look like a fast food restaurant. She would prefer to giver her guests a more personal service. People leave satisfied and this makes them loyal patrons.

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emz said...

I like her strategy, simple but effective to the customers. Thumbs up!

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