Can't wait to hear the great news.

Our friends Jake and Leonore have been married for five years but they still have not been blessed with a child.  They've been to a doctor and were told that nothing is wrong to the couple.  It could be Leonore's age (she's turning 40 this year) that's making it difficult for her to conceive.  And it could also be that both of them are too focused on their careers and are under a lot of stress most of the time.  These were the two things that the doctor pointed out. 

We've been telling them to relax a bit and take a time off if they really want to work on conceiving.  But Leonore is trying something new, IVF.  She found out about this at Santa Monica fertility blog while searching the internet for ways to get pregnant fast.  She said she had already discussed it with Jake (he agreed!) and their doctor.  Leonore feels that because she is turning 40; she is running out of time.  She also feels that chances of getting pregnant the natural way is slim.  Leonore believes that through In vitro fertilisation (IVF), she'll get pregnant fast.  If you are familiar with test tube baby, it's one and the same.

Leonore and Jake are preparing for the process and pretty soon, both are hoping to succeed.  We are all praying for you guys and we are hoping to hear the good news very soon.

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