I Love Milk

Do you have food or lactose intolerance?  Food intolerance is when your digestive system is not agreeable with the food you ate.  It's not like food allergy where reactions can be seen on your skin.  With food intolerance, you are not able to properly break down the food.  I used to have lactose intolerance, but I love milk so much (fresh milk especially) that I used to ignore the results after taking a glass of milk.  I usually suffered from tummy cramps a couple of hours after drinking.  My food intolerance is not as bad though because that's the only thing I felt after drinking milk.  Others feel bloated, has nausea, tummy pain, diarrhea and even vomiting.  Mine was tolerable so I didn't give up on my love for milk.

The easiest way to avoid the symptoms according to my doctor friend, is to take out the food or milk from your diet.  But I told you I love milk, so I didn't.  I noticed though that when I started taking vitamin supplements, the symptoms started going away too.  In the beginning there were days that I'd feel the cramps but they were much lighter, and there were days that I didn't have them.

My theory is, the supplement is helping me produce more lactase so my tummy can tolerate the lactose in milk.  If you have the same case as mine, you may want to try taking natural vitamins so you can enjoy milk daily.

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