A New Project

The other day I was telling about Jann's second branch which is opening very soon.  I was there yesterday to visit her and see how her second spa and salon is progressing.  The girl is too busy I rarely see her.  She used to be my team mate in bowling but she stopped when the construction of the spa started.  She says she'll play again once everything is over.

She wanted to focus more on this branch because it is bigger and she wants everything done her style this time.  Her mom helped her supervise with the first one and you know how some moms are, they want a say in everything.  She said she gave in to her mom's "requests" because she was her "financer". 

The metal cabinets and small parts storage were already installed when I arrived at the shop and while I was there, the delivery for her service cart also came.  They will be working on the mirrors next and then the carpeting of the floor.  After that, it's time to shop for furniture and decorations.  I promised to help her on this and I'm already too eager to start.  I can already see that this is going to be as successful as the first.

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